Bean vine was grown at Monticello

Exactly what it is: The purple hyacinth bean vine grows as a yearly in Colorado. Initially from tropical Asia, this colorful, quickly growing vine is likewise called the Thomas Jefferson vine since he grew this plant at Monticello.

Even though lots of parts of this plant are edible, the dry seeds ought to be well prepared in 2 changes of water prior to consuming. Raw dry seeds are toxic.

Look: Intense, deep purple flowers, looking like pea or bean flowers, flower on dark-green foliage. Clusters of glistening purple seed pods 3 to 4 inches long follow the flowers. The vine will scramble up a trellis supplying vertical interest to a garden or topple down a slope as a ground cover.

It's an energetic grower - one seed can produce a vine 6 to 10 feet high in a single season. The vine flowers up until frost and will attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Chosen as a Plant Select plant for 2006, the vine is an attractive backdrop for roses. great site

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